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A letter from our CEO – Mel Sutcliffe

Mel Sutcliffe

Mel Sutcliffe

Mel Sutcliffe is Founder & CEO of Eurotrek Group. A former semi-professional cyclist, Mel combined his passion for cycling with his extensive business acumen when he founded Eurotrek Group in 1990. For the past three decades Mel has championed market-driven growth across the company with his leadership, vision and strategy. He has successfully built a strong and well-managed base of operations to advance the Group to new business platforms in emerging international markets. Mel was educated in Business Studies at the College of Commerce, Dublin.

Eurotrek’s mission is the creation of a global community of suppliers, distributers, retailers and customers. Using Ireland as a hub, we have expanded our distribution model into the Western European market with great success, adding Eurotrek divisions in many European Countries facilitate this growth.

Our brand suppliers are continually finding new ways to develop innovations for their products and we strive to keep our customers at the very cutting edge of the industry with immediate distribution of the latest brands and models.

The Eurotrek company values are based in this emerging spirit of unity, ideas of open communication, integrity and professionalism with every member of the Eurotrek community.  We strive to improve our distribution channels to create a system that is dependable and beneficial to all involved.  At Eurotrek we understand the importance of mutual goals.

Sustainability is a core principal of our vision and values. As a driving force behind our emerging distributing community we understand the duty of care to contribute positively to the economic and social development of societies and communities in which we operate.

We are committed to creating a culture of nurturing and investment in our own people that will allow them to achieve their full potential both personally and as professionals.  This long term strategy benefits our workforce and our community, instilling our principles of openness and integrity across the entire company.

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