Scott was one of the first brands to use carbon fibre extensively in its bike frames. Since then we have strived to improve carbon technology, always aiming to make lighter, more robust, and more durable products. With this in mind SCOTT has been the forerunner in carbon process development with regards to manufacturing practises that are precise, repeatable, and minimize waste. SCOTT engineers continue to work with independent testing laboratories and engineering universities not only to maintain SCOTT’s rigid standards within carbon manufacturing, but also to foster new developments and advance its carbon expertise.+

SCOTT has always been a leader in Carbon frame technology, going way back to the Endorphin in (1992) which was one of the first Mountain Bikes made completely of carbon fiber. In 2003 SCOTT Engineers revolutionized frame construction with the CR1 Process. This was procedure of creating individual tubes with the layers completely managed in order to avoid wrinkles and gaps between the layers, as well as mitering the joints and Carbon Welding them.

10 Years ago, SCOTT conceived the Genius, the first “Do-it-All” super-lightweight carbon trail bike. From inception, it was developed for the trail rider who desires a bike that possesses proficient uphill performance while remaining capable on demanding technical trails and descents. The Genius shock produces three unique modes – Lockout, Traction and Full travel. SCOTT’s invention of TracLoc in 2004 transformed trail riding in that it made the rider think carefully about the bikes attitude and the efficiencies offered when three unique modes are available right at your fingertips to control the rear shock. Then with TwinLoc we added front suspension into the mix giving the rider full control of the shock and fork with one switch. Often imitated, there is no substitution for the total control TwinLoc offers. Today’s mountain biker has evolved, and so has SCOTT’s approach. Our engineers have totally re-invented the Genius, and the new 700 (27.5″) and 900 (29″) series of Genius take Trail Riding to the next level. It’s been 10 years since the first stroke of Genius, it’s about time we change the game, again.

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